All About RK Why DR OZ Or Media Buzzing About (RK)

Raspberry ketone (RK) are the chemical compounds that give raspberries their enticing aroma. And when ketones are taken from raspberries, they can be used to add fragrance and flavor to things such as colas, ice cream, and cosmetics.

But the buzz that has put raspberry ketones in the spotlight is the claim that raspberry ketone supplements can melt away fat and prevent weight gain -- even in the face of a high-fat diet. But can they really do that?

If you watch TV, read magazines, listen to the radio, or even glance at the Internet, you’re going to be bombarded by ads and other promotional listings for raspberry ketone, the new “miracle fat-burner in a bottle” ingredient that is promoted to melt away flab while you change absolutely nothing else in our life.

Benefits Of Raspberry Ketone

Benefit #1: This is a compound that can be extracted from red raspberries that helps in the torching of collected fats in the system. Researches have confirmed that eating red raspberries and loading up on this compound can help support the body's ability to increase a specific fat-burning protein. This is one kind of protein hormone responsible in the improving the efficiency of metabolic processes in the system. Having high levels of this protein in the body can significantly lower your body's fat component, thereby helping you lose weight. Additionally, it has also shown great results in normalizing glucose levels.



Benefit #2: It can help normalize your body's cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Because it can help lessen body fats, it may have a lot of positive effects to the system. One of them is the normalizing of cholesterol and blood pressure levels without actually affecting the core functions of the cardiovascular system. This can also be done without the use of natural body heat production.

Benefit #3: It purportedly works in preventing different kinds of cancer. Studies have shown that this compound is rich in phytochemicals, particularly one called ellagic acid. It has been found out that this has anti-carcinogenic properties. This may help protect your colon, skin, liver and esophagus from damages.

Benefit #4: It has natural antioxidants that can protect your cells. Antioxidants are essential to our daily life especially these days when we are more prone to the damaging effects of free radicals. Harmful free radicals are virtually around and in us so we need to protect our cells from damages. Free radicals tend to speed up aging and may even trigger the appearance of different illnesses.

Benefit #5: It can help alleviate inflammation. One of the benefits of this compound is that it can lower down the levels of different beneficial enzymes in the system. These are the actually the causes of pain during bouts of arthritis and gout. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be likened to that of aspirin and many other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. You can also use this to prevent muscular pain after working out.

Benefit #6: Taken from red raspberries, these can help augment missing omega-3 fatty acids in the body. Red raspberries in your system will help release omega-3 fatty acids. These are the fatty acids that will prevent skin ailments and may even work in increasing the levels of growth hormones. Essential fatty acids also play a major role in improving brain functions.



Key Features Of RK

Most brands claim the following if you take 1-3 pills, once daily:

* You can lose between 2 to 5 pounds every week

* Your metabolism will increase, allowing you to burn more calories

* It will strengthen your immune system

* Detoxes the body

* Increases energy level

What DR. OZ Has To Say

When Dr. Oz recommends a product, you know it’s the real deal. The lovable prime-time doc has always provided us with honest, down-to-earth advice about everything from our bathroom habits to our sex lives, and now, he’s telling the world about this weight loss plan.

According to Dr. Oz, raspberry ketone is the “world’s number one miracle in a bottle,” earning top spot on his list of the best fat-burning supplements. He explained that as a natural compound that’s sourced directly from red raspberries, this powerful little red pill really packs a punch.

Regarding raspberry ketones Dr Oz explained that it’s a supercharged metabolic booster, revving up your body’s fat-burning engine to help bust apart fat at the cellular level. It works quickly, showing noticeable results within about a week or two, and it’s affordable, a big bonus for anyone who’s struggling with tight clothes and an even tighter budget.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what Dr. Oz thought – at first. When explaining this miracle fat burner to his studio audience Dr. Oz revealed, “I never understood how powerful it could be,” but once he saw actual patients who lost weight with the help of the supplement, he was convinced. 

How Does Rapsberry Ketone Work?

In a way not yet completely understood by scientists, Raspberry Ketones increased the presence of adiponectin in the bloodstream. Adiponectin is a protein helps regulate metabolism, particularly the metabolism of the fatty acids contained in the fat cells. The more adiponectin, the better able the body is to “empty out” fat cells to use for energy. A process known by the name of lipolysis. What does this mean to me?

It means pure Raspberry Ketones are able to increase your metabolism, and accelerate your fat loss. Dr. Oz was firm in stating that Raspberry Ketones are not a miraculous cure-all but a helpful addition to a healthy diet and exercise program. While the Raspberry Ketones help increase your fat metabolism, you will see an increase in your natural energy level, which will actually help you with your workouts, so the Ketones are doing double duty! The Raspberry Ketones are an excellent partner for any diet or exercise program.


What the Science Says

There have been no human studies so far on the weight loss effects of raspberry ketones. The only studies on the effect of raspberry ketones on fat are a handful of animal studies. The studies were done over the last 10 to 15 years. Researchers looked at the effect of raspberry ketones on rats, mice, and rabbits.

There are also a few studies on the effect of raspberry ketones on isolated cells in test tubes. But there is no way to know whether the same results would be produced in people.

The excitement over the potential benefit is understandable. In the animal studies, raspberry ketones appear to alter the animals' metabolism. As a result, the animals had a:

Speed-up in the processing of fat

Reduction of fatty tissue, especially in the liver

In the animal studies, raspberry ketones also seemed to affect the production of certain hormones that increase the body's ability to burn fat.

But whether raspberry ketones would have the same effect on metabolism and hormone production in humans hasn't been studied.

Until it has, experts say you're better off holding onto your money. Instead, concentrate on a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. Both of those have been shown to be effective ways to manage weight.

Raspberry Ketone Have Side Effects?

There exists no side effects as to the use of the Raspberry Ketone diet except for those individuals with side effects on the use of raspberries. This is mainly due to the fact that the chemical compounds found in Raspberry Ketones are natural compounds which are not associated with toxins or side effects in any particular way.



How much raspberry ketone should I take?


From what Dr. Oz and Lisa Lynn have said on the show when they first introduced raspberry ketones, 100-200mg is a good place to start and then go up from there. However, for me personally I never got any results from 100, 200, or even 400mg a day. I didn't even think it worked until I tried a brand (Raspberry Ketone Burn) with a larger serving. Each capsule is 500 mg per capsule and I take 1000 mg each day. I don't know if it is this particular brand or the 1000mg per day but since I started, but it seems like the weight has literally been falling off me. In the last month and a half I have lost about 25 POUNDS. Now granted that when I started using raspberry ketone I was a little heavier than most people but I’ve heard that heavier people will actually lose weight faster on raspberry ketones than those just looking to lose a pound or two. You can get the brand I'm using at I'm sure there are plenty of good formulas out there, but this is the one that has been working the best for me.

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